Leave the World Behind, which Netflix began streaming on Friday, describes a cyber apocalypse that renders commonly-used technology useless.

The movie, based on the 2020 novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam, listed Barack and Michelle Obama as producers on the film.

“And there are two names in the Leave the World Behind credits that surprised some viewers: Barack and Michelle Obama,” Decider noted.

With frequent warnings of a cyberattack from the World Economic Forum, many people said the movie is predictive programming of future events.

“The movie shows how a cyberattack caused a major blackout in the United States. This is a warning for things to come. The Obamas are evil. A Dark December,” Shadow of Ezra writes.



Dr. Syed Haider writes:

WEF has predicted their war game scenario “Cyber Polygon” will occur “before 2025”, i.e. most likely during the 2024 election year. Now we have the next step in their lead up to their false flag attack in the form of predictive programming: a Netflix movie produced by Obama (!?), starring Julia Roberts & Ethan Hawke, called “Leave The World Behind,” depicting them going on vacation right before a cyber attack happens taking down the phone, internet and all technology systems. Could be used as cover for the coming economic collapse, may be blamed on Iran and used to usher in the next stage of the Middle East war, as well as force the end of anonymity online, and strengthen control and monitoring systems in general.

Decider reports:

The Obamas are listed as producers on the Leave the World Behind movie, because Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions, came on board the film in 2022, two years after the movie had already been bought by Netflix. This was well after the movie had been cast, and after Esmail had adapted the screenplay from Rumaan Alam’s acclaimed 2020 novel. Esmail and Chad Hamilton are also producers through Esmail Corp, and Roberts produced through Red Om. But in the case of the Obamas, this is more of an “in name only” producer type of situations. Neither Barack nor Michelle were directly involved in the creation of the film.

In a statement for the official Leave the World Behind production notes, Tonia Davis, who is head of film and TV at Higher Ground, said, “What we love about Rumaan Alam’s book, and Sam Esmail’s adaptation, is that it leaves nothing behind. This is a rare story that deals with race, class, what it means to raise kids in today’s world, and how external events start to seep into our consciousness and create fears where maybe there shouldn’t be any. This is a story that doesn’t necessarily provide answers, but asks fundamental questions about how we live, how we think, and who we trust.”

In an interview for those same production notes, Esmail explained that Barack Obama was a fan of Aman’s 2020 novel, and came on board in 2022 to help get the film made. “I remember back when I was working on the second season of Mr. Robot, I almost fell out of my chair because I found out President Obama was a fan of the show,” Esmail said. “So this has been a great full-circle moment. Knowing he’s a fan of the book, a fan of my work, and a friend of Julia’s — it seemed like kismet that he and Michelle, and the incredible team at Higher Ground, would come on as producers. Their involvement was invaluable in getting this movie made.”

Watch the trailer:

“Journalist Whitney Webb exposes the WEF false flag plan to carry out a massive cyber attack in 2024 that will pave the wave for a regional war in the middle east,” Redacted writes.


As 100 Percent Fed Up reported, online hackers allegedly affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army infiltrated critical services in the United States.

DEVELOPING: United States Reportedly Hit With Cyberattack By ‘China’s Cyber Army’

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