A 28-year-old pregnant woman in Victoria, Australia was arrested for the crime of organizing a protest in Melbourne, over the government’s draconian COVID-related lockdown orders on Facebook.

“You can show me your search warrant before you go through my house!” a pajama-clad mother tells the Victoria, Australia police officers who enter her home.

A child’s voice can be heard calling out, “Daddy!” in the background, as her husband enters the video that is being filmed by the mother, as he carries their toddler into the kitchen.

“Here’s the search warrant,” the officer tells her, showing it to her for the camera.

“Search warrant for what?” she asks.

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“Yeah, well, we’ll explain to you if you want to listen.  You’ve got your phone going. You’re under arrest in relation to incitement.” he boldly explains.

The woman appears to be frightened and confused, asking, “Excuse me? Incitement for what? What on earth? Excuse me!”

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The police officer tells her to put her phone down so they can place the handcuffs on her. “Just put your phone down!” he says.

“I’m in my pajamas and I have an ultrasound in an hour!” she tells him.

The husband jumps in to defend his wife, “Yeah, she’s pregnant—so. What’s this about?”

She echoes his frustration, explaining again, “I have an ultrasound in an hour!”

The police officer explains, “In relation to a Facebook post, in relation to a lockdown protest you put on for said day.”

The 28-year-old mom explains, “Yeah, and I wasn’t breaking any laws by doing that!”

The officer incredibly responds, “You are actually, you are breaking the law, and that’s why we’re arresting you!”

The husband asks, “How can you arrest her? Can’t you just ask her to take the post down?”

The mom tells them she’s “happy to delete the post,” adding, “This is ridiculous!” She reminds him that her two young kids are watching this horror show, “Yeah, my two kids are here!”

Her husband attempts to inject some common sense into the situation, “Yeah, this is a bit unfair, mate!” adding, “This is a lot of stress on her, like, c’mon!”

The police officer tells the husband, who is perfectly calm and respectful to “just relax.”

He responds, “I am relaxed, this is just very unfair.”

Incredibly, the police explain that they are confiscating every electronic device from their home including her computer and her cell phone. When the woman being arrested tells the police the cell phone she’s using belongs to her sister, they tell her they don’t care, they’re taking it anyhow. The arresting officers inform the husband that they’re taking his cell phone as well.

Watch the incredible scene unfold here:


Here’s a copy of the Facebook post the 28-year-old mother was arrested for posting, that includes a request for anyone attending to wear masks and respect social distancing measures. Ironically, the Facebook post is a call to fight back against the government’s ability to strip citizens of their freedoms and to promote the fight for “human rights” in the Australian state of Victoria, in the face of extreme COVID-related lockdown measures.

This isn’t the first time a couple was visited by police Victoria for a COVID related post on Facebook.

In April, we reported about a couple who were visited by the police and ticketed for $1,600 each for the crime of posting a one-year-old vacation photo on Facebook during the government-mandated lockdown.

Like millions of people around the world, an Australian couple, Jaz and Garry Mott had some time on their hands, so they decided to post some photos from a vacation they took last year on Facebook. It didn’t take long for word to get out to Victoria Police that the couple was seen in—gasp!—vacation photos on social media during a coronavirus lockdown on citizens that prevented them from any non-essential travel.

Yesterday, New York City Mayor de Blasio asked citizens to snitch on each other if they see their neighbors or people in public standing closer than 6 feet apart. The Democrat mayor told New Yorkers in a video he posted on Twitter that snitching on fellow New Yorkers is as easy as taking a photo, tagging the location of the photo, and sending it to law enforcement.

Have we, as a society, allowed our elected officials to take Wuhan virus lockdown measures too far? Is it okay to ask citizens to snitch on their neighbors? Should police be reacting to calls from people snitching on friends who post vacation photos on Facebook? In the case of one Australian couple who dared to post one-year-old vacation photos on Facebook, it would appear that is exactly what happened.

According to the U.K. Independent-Ms Mott posted 12 photos of herself and her husband onto Facebook on 5 April, tagging in the location as Lakes Entrance, around two hours from their home in Traralgon.

A few days later, on 9 April, the couple was shocked to find a police officer at their door.

Jaz Mott said the officer “just handed me the fine and walked off,” which didn’t leave a whole lot of time to explain that the couple was being fined for “infringement” of the lockdown order there banning nonessential travel.

The fine was for $1,652 Australian dollars (or $1,041 in U.S. dollars).


“The Sargent told me if I posted any more photos, I will be arrested,” Jaz Mott told the Independent.

The Victoria Police Department issued the pro forma “mistakes were made” statement.

“This incident has been reviewed, and the decision has been made to withdraw the infringement notice,” a department representative said.


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