The latest from the loony left is way out there!

CNN’s Don Lemon thinks that conservative media like Ann Coulter caused the government shutdown and could be in control of the federal government.

Lemon mocked conservatives and President Trump questioning who is running the government in a snarky way:

“Republican leaders in Congress thought they had a deal with the president to let everyone go home for the holidays and keep the government funded through February. That’s until Trump apparently got spooked by Ann Coulter and the outrage of right-wing media and blew up his own administration’s deal.”

“Ann Coulter? Is Ann Coulter running the federal government? President Coulter. Hmm. Has a ring to it…’Fox & Friends’? President ‘Fox & Friends’. President Rush Limbaugh? Their comments were enough to get Trump to retreat to his original position, and now he’s trying to blame the Democrats.”

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Watch below as Lemon totally editorializes proving the Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full force at CNN.

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Of course, others on CNN chimed in with similar beliefs…Jeffrey Toobin got a smackdown from Ann Coulter after he tweeted that Coulter must be running the show at the White House:

“If that were true, we’d have a wall.”

Toobin is one of the biggest drama queens ever.

Ann Coulter set the record straight on this ridiculous claim. The left will still continue to say that people like Coulter and Sean Hannity have a big influence on President Trump.

We’re thinking President Trump has a mind of his own and will do what’s best for the country no matter what.

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