Wikileaks released an email from Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, coaching Hillary on how to best gain the trust of the Black community by going directly to the victims being held up by Black Lives Matter movement as heroes, and faking empathy with the parents. She also mentions it would be a good idea to use the idea that their grief should be magnified because it happened at the hands of law enforcement officers (the state). The email was forwarded by Jen Palmieri who is the same person who was busted criticizing Catholics. Karen Finney, Hiilary’s Senior Advisor for Communications and Political Outreach, & Senior Spokesperson for Hillary for America was also copied on the suggestion about how to fake concern for parents of Black Lives Matter victims.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikileaks email:

Given all that has happened over the last few days with the Black Lives Matter movement, I thought it would be a good idea for Hillary to pen an op ed, discussing the pain people feel as parents at the loss of their children to these incidents of police brutality, how as a parent, she knows that pain is magnified because it happens at the hands of the state, and her commitment to solve the problem as President.
Given her strong words on Charlotte, it could serve as a reminder that she gets it…that racism isn’t like everything else. She wouldn’t have to mention Bernie’s name, but I think it could really respond to the sense of continual injured dignity….I think, but others will know better, that it will move around the social media networks. > > Anyway, just thought I’d share with you guys…. >
> Thanks! > > Neera >

Hillary clearly took her advice, as she can been seen milking her phony support for mother’s of Black Lives Matter victims by giving them a chance to appear at the DNC as her “special guests” to chant :

Ever the actress, here’s Hillary appealing to the black community with her newfound black dialect:

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