A student government president from Lone Star College — a community college in Texas — is claiming he was demoted for expressing pro-gun views during a private conversation.

This sort of thing isn’t really all that shocking given the fact that schools all across the country have switched from being institutions of higher learning to indoctrination centers.

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Campus Reform has the details:

Quade Lancaster, a student studying business at Lone Star College, Tomball—a community college in Texas—told Campus Reform that he served as the president of his school’s Student Government Association until he was involved in a heated discussion in the wake of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

The argument happened in early March, when Lancaster walked into a discussion among other student government officers regarding gun violence and legislation. When students turned to Lancaster, he said he opined that “guns are not responsible for the individuals who carry them.”

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“I explained that I don’t think taking guns away will solve anything,” Lancaster told Campus Reform, adding that he also admitted to his fellow officers that he is a military veteran who was medically discharged, which he claimed only made them even more hostile.

As the hostility in the room grew, Lancaster realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere. He said he grabbed his bookbag and told the other student officers that he had enough of the “bulls**t,” and then left the room.

Lancaster recounted that Shannon Marino, the school administrator who oversees the student government, pulled him into her office the next day and told him that he would no longer serve as the President, and that he was being “demoted” to Vice President.

When he asked for an explanation, he said Marino cited his use of profanity—specifically, his use of “bulls**t” during the conversation on gun laws the day before—as the reason why he deserved to be demoted from his position.

Lancaster went on to say that the punishment he received came just a day after the incident without an investigation or due process and the profanity excuse is a cover for booting him for being conservative.

He stated that everyone was using “f-bombs” and that his being singled out was a “double standard.”

“She informed that I had no right to ask for an explanation [of my demotion] and that I was not allowed to express my alternate viewpoint [on gun laws] during a private conversation because as the President I represent all views,” Lancaster told Campus Reform.

Hopefully bringing this story to light will force the officials at the school to investigate the incident to uncover what really happened and ensure that no one’s rights were stepped on and that those who serve on the student government are free to express their beliefs without fear of retaliation by those who might see the issues differently.

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