President Trump isn’t going to let Joe Biden and the crooked Democrats steal the 2020 election. He just came out to say that Biden is “rushing to falsely pose as winner.”

The networks are trying to push the narrative that Joe Biden is president because they’re saying Biden won Pennsylvania but there are still many unanswered questions about voter fraud. Supreme Court Justice Alito has also ordered any and all ballot received in Pennsylvania after polls closed to be segregated:

“All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, (1) that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept ‘in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,’ and (2) that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.”

The evidence of voter fraud in key states like Michigan is being completely ignored, and Pennsylvania is still in play because of more investigations into fraud.

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Fox News’ Bret Baier and other network talking heads like Clinton Crony ABC’s George Stephanopoulos are pushing the fake news that Biden has won the election. The media is complicit with the steal.

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