At the Save America Rally in Selma N.C., President Trump vows that we will demand justice for 1/6 political protestors and “full protection of their civil rights.”

Saturday, Selma N.C., President Trump held a “Save America” rally in which he spoke on the treatment of 1/6 political prisoners, contrasting their treatment to the freedoms and protections given to BLM and Antifa terrorists, and on the acquittal of two of the defendants in the Whitmer kidnapping trial.

President Trump:

“And we will, while we’re at it, demand justice for the January 6th prisoners and full protection of their civil rights, like was received by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who murdered people throughout our country.”

President Trump also notes both the exoneration of a January 6th political prisoner who successfully argued in court that capitol police let him in, as well as the acquittal of two defendants in the Whitmer trial when it was found that the FBI had entrapped them.

The acquittals in both of these cases show that it is possible, even if difficult, to fight back and defend ourselves through the courts. And with President Trump’s open support, along with the support of other Republican stars like Marjorie Taylor Greene, in demanding justice for political prisoners who participated in the January 6th demonstration, and our snowballing legal momentum, there is a real chance at attaining justice for those wrongly accused and held by the Democrat tyrants.

See President Trump’s speech below:

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