President Trump just called out the fake news media that said Google would not be helping with a nationwide coronavirus website.

During a press conference this afternoon, President Trump held up a piece of paper that proves Google will participate. After he called out the media, he dropped the piece of paper like a mic drop moment. It was great because the media has been criticizing every move the president makes. He is the perfect person to be in the Oval Office during a crisis like this. The media has been horrific in their attempts at fearmongering and criticizing. They so desperately want this to be Trump’s “Katrina moment,” but he’s been nothing short of amazing during this time.

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President Trump also had some great news for Americans.

The Federal Reserve stepped in again to cut interest rates to near-zero today….from 0 – 0.25

Treasury Holdings will be increased to $500 billion and increased the MBS by $200 billion.

The president also said he met with CEO’s of major retail grocers to discuss supplies of food. President Trump said that the grocers are restocking and plan to remain open during the coronavirus crisis. People are hoarding groceries, and President Trump told Americans to “relax” and just buy what you need for the week.

“Relax… you don’t have to buy the quantities. It’s hard to refill the stores.”

Vice President Pence said that a priority on testing will be placed on Americans 65 and older who are likely to get seriously ill with the coronavirus. He added that cost will never be a barrier to getting tested for the coronavirus.

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