A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi called the wall an “immorality” (video below) in a rambling speech where she waved her hands and made up excuses for why she will not compromise on a border wall.

President Trump took a swipe at Pelosi tonight during his address to the nation on border security because she said this:

“A wall is an immorality…it’s not who we are as a nation”

President Trump’s address to the nation included a swipe at Pelosi:

President Trump addressed the reason why people have walls…”they don’t have walls because they hate people on the outside, it’s because they love the ones on the inside”

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We couldn’t agree more We think he hit a home run by speaking compassionately about the families who’ve lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.

Also, the best thing to happen to him was to have Pelosi and Schumer follow his speech.

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We’d love to hear what YOU think about President Trump’s speech tonight.

Do you think he got through to the American people?

President Trump speaks with Congressional leaders tomorrow in hopes of coming to a compromise. He also visits the border on Thursday.

You have to love the fight in this leader. He knows we need a wall and is fighting for all of us in order to secure the border.


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