President Trump went after the “Do-Nothing Democrats” today, calling them “rude and nasty.” This is after Vice President Pence held a conference call with Senate Democrats yesterday who weren’t satisfied with anything the VP had to say.

Lying Liz Warren had this to say about the call with VP Pence: “He tries to not be aggressive and not get into a fight.” How is it a bad thing for VP Pence to avoid a fight?

President Trump tweeted that no matter what is said or done, the Democrats are always using their political playbook to push back on him. There is ZERO bipartisanship even in this time of crisis. For Democrats, it’s political power over what’s best for the people.

Just look at the hold up on the Paycheck Protection Program aid for small businesses being held up by Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats (see below). Desperate business owners are begging for aid, but the Democrats are blocking the aid so they can add in pork. Shame on them!

No matter what you do for the Do-Nothing Democrats, no matter how GREAT a job you are doing, they will only respond to their Fake partners in the Lamestream Media in the negative, even in a time of crisis. I thought it would be different, but it’s not. In fact, it’s even worse.

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Example! V.P. Mike Pence held a conference call yesterday with all Democrat Senators. He gave them everything that they would have wanted to hear in terms of gaining ground on the CoronaVirus, but nothing that anyone could have said, including “it’s over”, could have made them happy, or even a little bit satisfied.

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They were RUDE and NASTY. This is their political playbook, and they will use it right up to the election on November 3rd. They will not change because they feel that this is the only way they can win. America will not be fooled!!!


The battle with VP Pense and Democrats over coronavirus testing was supposedly the problem in the call. Still, Republicans say that plenty of money has already been appropriated for coronavirus testing:

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate health panel, said: “In the last month, Congress has given federal agencies up to $38 billion to develop tests, treatments and vaccines.  We should start by using the money Congress has already provided, put politics aside, and work together on more tests with quick results.”


President Trump called out the leaders of the Democratic Party in a tweet, blasting them for not approving the legislation to aid small businesses.

Americans and even their fellow Democrats have been calling on the leaders to approve the $250B for small businesses. NY Democrat Rep. Max Rose who spoke out yesterday on Fox News called for an end to inserting pork into this emergency aid bill: “If, for a second, you think that this is an opportunity to insert some random tenets of the Green New Deal, some random things that support the Kennedy Center, or anything else that the far-left calls for, this is not the time.” 

President Trump called on Pelosi and Schumer to approve the help desperately needed, and then he said they should end their “ENDLESS VACATION.”


Nancy Pelosi struggles, near speechless when asked to “explain to those small businesses” why she is blocking more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. Note that she tries to blame Leader McConnell, but it’s the Republicans who are begging Pelosi to approve the money:



Apparently the Speaker of the House thinks it’s more important to showcase her freezer full of gourmet ice cream than to fund paychecks for millions of Americans who are at risk of losing their jobs.


“Nancy Pelosi is holding up approval of more money that would keep the small businesses afloat, keep their employees paid for, and paying their rent. But, Nancy Pelosi says no because every moment of the time she wants to play politics and try to change history…just as she tries to blame this president, President Trump, who took that action.”

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