President Trump flew in on Air Force One today to participate in the Daytona 500 at Grand Marshal.

He did it in true Trump style with a spectacular flyover (see below) in Air Force One and a lap in the presidential limo ‘The Beast’ around the Daytona International Speedway race track (see below).

Fox Sports did everything they could to avoid showing President Trump. It was more than obvious and ridiculous that every time President Trump appeared, the network went to a commercial.

Here’s the “Start your engines” moment:

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President Trump also spoke before the race to honor Gold Star families:

Air Force One did a flyover before landing (see video below), and then the president took a lap around the speedway in ‘The Beast’ limo.



Air Force One did a flyover before landing: “Spectacular.” “Goosebumps.”

The crowd below was chanting: “USA!, USA!, USA!”

Trump fans and NASCAR fans are ready!

Check out the Trump flags at the event! Wow!

A great-looking Trump/Pence race car:

This funny video was posted on Twitter but is not the same limo:

President Trump will also have a new ad on during the Daytona 500:

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