On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump posted about his arraignment on Truth Social as he headed to the Manhattan Criminal Court, describing the experience as “surreal” and saying that he “can’t believe this is happening.”

Trump expressed his frustration over the venue where his trial is being held, suggesting that Staten Island would be a more fair, secure location for this event.

“Very unfair venue, with some areas that voted 1% Republican,” Trump wrote earlier this morning. “This case should be moved to nearby Staten Island – would be a very fair and secure location for the trial.”

“Additionally, the highly partisan judge & his family are well known Trump haters. He was an unfair disaster on a previous Trump related case, wouldn’t recuse, gave horrible jury instructions, & impossible to deal with during the witch hunt trial. His daughter worked for ‘Kamala’ & now the Biden-Harris campaign. Kangaroo Court!!!”

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Trump also condemned the Democratic Party for criminalizing the justice system, saying, “The radical left Democrats have criminalized the justice system. This is not what America was supposed to be!”

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As he headed to the Manhattan courthouse to turn himself over to authorities for his arraignment hearing, Trump posted to Truth Social, saying, “Heading to Lower Manhattan, the Courthouse. Seems so SURREAL – WOW, they are going to ARREST ME. Can’t believe this is happening in America. MAGA!”

Trump arrived at Manhattan Criminal Court at 1:24 pm where he was processed ahead of his arraignment hearing.

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