President Trump has been slamming the media over multiple lies they’ve told over the past two weeks that have all been discredited.

The most recent #FakeNews story came from Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel who used a photo of Trump’s rally in Pensacola, FL that was taken hours before the event, as a way to prove how “unpopular” President Trump is, and how no one wanted to see him.

Heres’ Weigel’s #fakenews tweet:

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Here’s an actual picture from the event:

President Trump went after both CNN and ABC News for their #FakeNews reporting about when Michael Flynn’s meeting took place with the RussaAmbassadordor.

He then went after CNN, mocking their “Most trusted name in news” mantra:

President Trump isn’t the only one in the Trump family who is calling out the lying and misleading media. Donald Trump Jr. has become a must-go-to Twitter account for conservatives who want a good laugh. Trump Jr. has a great wit and has a hilarious way of calling out liberals, their hypocrisy and the lies they tell. Here’s just a sampling of a few tweets Donald Jr. posted about the liberal media:

When CNN was caught in yet another lie, specifically a lie about when Donald Trump Jr. allegedly received an email offering him access to Wikileaks documents, one of their most unlikeable (think George Kastanza of the “Seinfeld Show”) sent this outrageous tweet, where he attempts to downplay their journalistic malpractice:

To which Donald Trump Jr. replied:

Trump Jr. also went after

Trump Jr. slammed former Politico journalist after he attempted to defend CNN:

Donald Trump Jr. just retweeted a powerful rebuttal by Sean Davis that was in response to the snarky tweet (below) from the very biased, Trump-hating, Democrat Rep Adam Schiff, who is also the ranking member of the Senate House Intelligence Committee. Schiff has been leading up the Trump-Russian collusion story since it’s inception, or immediately after Hillary lost the election.

Here is the response that Donald Trump Jr. retweeted:

Just the other day, accused pedophile George Takei attempted to play “gotcha” over the nothinburger story involving Donald Jr. and his meeting with the Russian lawyer.

Donald Trump Jr. DESTROYED him with this reply:

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