John Roberts was first to question the tweets from president Trump – Great job by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She was able to defend why President Trump is “hitting back’ at MSNBC:

Bill Hemmer had a milder conversation with Sanders:

“President Trump Fights Fire with Fire” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Things have certainly changed since the campaign season when Mika and Joe were a little friendlier to Trump. That was then and things have gotten worse than ever now. Trump is attacked every day with disgusting words that would be shocking if it had been done to President Obama. Can you imagine? Trump is attacked for just about everything and the one time he hits back he’s attacked even more.

Women are also outraged that he’s attacked Mika but Mika has been dishing it out every day and obviously can’t take it. Does she want equality with men or not? Trump will hit back no matter the sex. He’s a fighter.

We’d love to know what you think about the latest tweet from President Trump. did he go too far or are you happy he finally hit back at Joe and Mika of MSNBC?

Here’s what Trump said in case you missed it:

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