What a class act! The President and First Lady visited Rep. Steve Scalise in the hospital last night:

President Trump planned to make a visit past 8 p.m. ET to Medstar Washington Medical Center, where Rep. Steve Scalise, the number three House Republican, underwent surgery earlier Wednesday for wounds sustained in the shooting, which took place outside Washington.

The hospital said after the surgery that Scalise remained in critical condition. A US Capitol Police officer who was also hurt in the gun attack was also receiving treatment at the facility, situated about three miles northeast of the White House.

Ahead of his visit, a White House official said Trump may only be able to visit Scalise’s family, which has gathered at the facility, since the lawmaker himself remains critically ill.

MARK KNOLLER tweeted out that the First lady brought flowers to the hospital:


President Trump has been hailed by both sides of the aisle. He came out and spoke almost immediately after this attack on Republicans. Great job!

How sweet is this! Back on March 17th President Trump sent a message to the 10-year old daughter of Rep. Scalise:

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