Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue were asked to join the wildly popular President Trump tonight on the platform where he spoke to a massive crowd of supporters in Valdosta, GA.

After speaking for over an hour and injecting his support for the critical re-election of Senators Loeffler and Purdue several times over the course of his rally, President Trump asked the candidates to join him on the stage and speak directly to the crowd. Senator Loeffler was first to speak to the crowd, but her message was drowned out by Trump supporters chanting, “Fight for Trump!”

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Kelly Loeffler appeared to be very nervous as the crowd loudly chanted “Fight for Trump,” David Purdue was unsuccessful in his attempt to quiet the crowd by imploring them to stop chanting and was forced to shout over them, telling President Trump that he and Kelly would fight for their seats and were committed to helping him get a “fair, square deal in the state of Georgia.”

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