President Trump refused to let the left and Jay-Z hijack the narrative.  During a CNN interview with radical leftist Van Jones, Jay-Z bashed President Trump several times. He called the president a “super bug” and slammed Trump’s truthful comment on “sh*thole” countries. President Trump realized it would be a smart strategy to tweet out one message to the very popular rapper who has a following of millions on social media. We think Trump got his point across:

A SMALL SLICE OF THE INTERVIEW WAS TWEETED OUT BY VAN JONES AFTER TRUMP’S TWEET: At the beginning, Jay-Z claims that “money doesn’t buy you happiness”…Easy for this very wealthy man to say. Right? That’s pretty funny! See if you can decipher this commentary from Jay-Z. Van J ones calls it “powerful” but we call it a nothingburger.

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Then something interesting happens…Without realizing it, Jay-Z agrees with Trump and his supporters by calling out the fact that the politicians only care about the votes and not the real people. Exactly! That’s why Trump was elected! Ya dummy!

“The forgotten man will be forgotten no more” – President Donald J. Trump


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