President Trump Rallies in Georgia in Support of America First Candidates

Saturday, March 26th, at 7pm EST President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at a massive rally in support of Georgia’s senate, governor, and 10th congressional district candidates Herschel Walker, David Perdue, and Vernon Jones. Additionally, a speech by Walker and an interview with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene can be found below.

President Trump’s Rally–Live from Commerce, Georgia

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Along with President Trump’s speech, you can find an earlier interview with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene here on topics such as defeating the democrats on election fraud, crime waves, and standing defiantly in the face of a Democrat scheme to scrub patriotic candidates such as herself and Representative Cawthorn (NC) from the ballot. The last topic serves as testament to how outspoken Greene is as a conservative lawmaker, and of course how hated and feared she is by the left.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Interview with Brian Glenn:

Additionally, Senate Candidate Herschell Walker’s patriotic speech here. He starts his speech with the ‘soundbites’ “I’m sick and tired of people putting this country down” and “we need to get men out of women’s sports.” For those of you unfamiliar with Herschell Walker, that alone should tell you that his speech is worth watching! As Walker gains Trump’s endorsement in the Republican primaries, he hopes to face off against Democrat incumbent Raphael Warwick in the 2022 senate election.

Herschell Walker’s Speech:

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