It was strange that there were no official events on the president’s White House schedule today. With all of the great news and the GOP tax bill, you’d think there would be something on the schedule.
Reporters were puzzled as President Trump exited the White House and walked toward Marine One. President Trump did not answer any questions except for one: “Where are you going?”

President Trump said he was headed to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded warriors for the holidays and “wish them a Merry Christmas.” He said that he wanted to “say hello to some of the bravest people anywhere in the world.”

The Press Pool was escorted into Walter Reed’s USO Warrior & Family Center where a Christmas tree was decorated, the phrase “Merry Christmas” was strewn out across the wall in festive letters and gingerbread houses were on display near a window. About a dozen individuals were seated at tables as individuals in uniform stood nearby awaiting POTUS.

President Trump had a brief exchange with a woman in uniform, then moved to a table with a woman in a black beret and a man in a wheelchair. After shaking their hands, he seated himself and listened intently to their words. A request for a photo with an iPhone was granted.



Walter Reed the largest military hospital in the country and serves as the first stateside stop for any US military personnel injured overseas.

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