Daily Caller reporter Mary Margaret Olohan tweeted a video of the massive crowd of pro-life supporters assembling on The Mall in Washington DC, as they awaited Trump’s historic address to the crowd.

Several presidents before Trump claimed to support life, yet they hid behind the walls of the White House like cowards, while tens of thousands of kids traveled from across the United States by bus, slept on floors of local churches and marched in sub-zero temperatures, as they bravely marched to show their support for the unborn.

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec pointed out that the March For Life in DC is at least 10 x’s larger than the vile Women’s March that took place in DC last week, yet the media coverage won’t compare to the coverage of the anti-Trump march.

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President Trump made history when he addressed the massive crowd of pro-lifers, mostly made up of students. He thanked them for coming to show their support for the unborn.

Trump declared that mothers attending the march are “heroes.” He spoke about the dreams and achievements of the unborn, “We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve, the dreams they will imagine, the masterpieces they will create, the discoveries they will make—but we know this, every life brings love into this world, every child brings joy to a family, every person is worth protecting, and above all, we know that every human soul is divine and every human life born and unborn is made in the holy image of almighty God!”

Thanks to President Trump, the media was forced to cover this massive event that has been intentionally ignored since its inception 47 years ago today.


Massive crowds filled the streets in DC., many of the pro-life marchers wearing MAGA hats.

Here’s another great view of the crowds by conservative OANN reporter Jack Posibiec:

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