President Trump spoke at the State Banquet during his visit to Japan. He told a hilarious story about first meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after the election. This was just one example of many from the Asia trip where President Trump succeeded in diplomacy and becoming closer to world leaders he visited. Even though the biased media didn’t cover the trip, it was a success in so many ways: The story begins at the 3:50 point…

President Trump’s Asia trip was such a success…the video above is a testament to the friendly relations between Japan and the U.S.


Japan’s prime minister did something so discreetly that not even President Trump saw it! You won’t believe this:

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The prime minister said his round of golf with visiting President Donald Trump was a good chance to relax and discuss difficult issues.
It also was an opportunity to display some nimble gymnastics, according to Japan’s TV Tokyo.
The television network flew a helicopter over the Kasumigaseki Country Club on Sunday to capture the highly anticipated informal game.


It broadcast a video showing a player identified as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe trying repeatedly to hit his ball out of a steep bunker. As he finally made the shot, Trump began walking away, and Abe ran up the side of the bunker to catch up.
But just as the 63-year-old prime minister stepped onto the grass, he slipped, making a backward flip down into the sand. He quickly stood up and picked up his cap.

Trump apparently never noticed the flip as he walked away, his back to Abe. An attendant raking the sand also continued his work.

 Japanese widely shared the video on Twitter on Thursday. “Don’t miss Abe’s rolling-down-the-bunker video,” many of the tweets said. Some called Abe’s flip “cute.”

Tabloid magazines raised questions over whether the two leaders really talked during the game. The popular Nikkan Gendai said they had little conversation, with Abe often falling behind Trump, who reportedly spent much of his time chatting with a third player, renowned Japanese pro Hideki Matsuyama. READ MORE: SFGATE

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