While President Trump is working to achieve denuclearization from North Korea, the media and Democrats are doing everything they can to distract from his important meeting.

The Democrats have been throwing every bit of fake news possible out there this week. They have a proven liar testifying before the House Committee today against the president, and they have also been tossing out fake news about the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un:

President Trump called out the media on their “false reporting” regarding his meeting with North Korea

The media and Democrats are doing everything they can to detract and distort the importance of the meeting between the two leaders.

Notice the subtitle from CNN mentions the “explosive testimony” from Cohen today:

President Trump on the way to his meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam:

The people have lined the streets.

They meet:

The House also voted against the declaration of a national emergency by President Trump. This was after expert border patrol agents testified to the fact that there is an emergency at our southern border.

The Democrats and media are shameless in their ridiculous tactics and are only showing themselves to be petty and desperate.

Listen to Wolf Blitzer on his speculation that President Trump will “flatter” Kim Jong Un:



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