President Trump is making moves to change the asylum system that is “in crisis” and full of “rampant abuse”.
He has proposed charging asylum-seekers a fee to process their applications:
The memo from President Trump calls on the DHS/DOJ to do the following in 90 days:

–asylum applications are resolved in immigration court within 6 months

–set a fee for asylum applications

–bar those who cross without authorization from employment permits

The word that the US asylum system is broken and will allow anyone in who claims “credible fear” has gotten out to the world. This is why we have become a global magnet for people from Africa, Asia and everywhere else in the world.

President Trump suspects that there is corruption within the asylum system and has directed Homeland Security to “reassign immigration officers” and staff to improve the integrity of the asylum decisions when illegals claim “credible fear”. He also wants to make sure illegals who are ordered to be removed are deported from the US.

Border Agents have made more than 100,000 arrests or denials of entry in March alone

This is a 12-year high.

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President Trump is building the wall but the asylum system changes are ultimately up to Congress. Working together with President Trump would help but that hasn’t happened. It’s easy to game the system now but President Trump is trying different things to stop the abuse.
President Trump meets with Democratic leaders today to discuss the issues on immigration. Chances are that it will go as it did the last time they met. It was a Mexican standoff between the leaders and President Trump.

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