The area in which only Muslims may go is called a “no-go” zone. If you attempt to enter the area, you’ll get your a** beat. Non-Muslims are NOT welcome! One such area in Sweden is called Rinkeby. Rinkeby has become the focus of a 60 Minutes report and more recently, a documentary filmmaker’s report. Both times, the reporters got beat up…

President Trump referenced this escalating violence in his speech last Saturday. The press jumped all over him for not being more specific. Once again, the press is trying to control the narrative to keep the focus off of the truth. The truth is that Sweden has allowed the Muslims to take over areas and to commit rape and violence on the people of Sweden. Covering up the truth doesn’t make the reality go away…the press and government of Sweden must think we don’t have access to videos of what’s REALLY happening there and in all of Europe.

Thank goodness President Trump has called out the fact that Sweden is a mess – Americans should look to this example for how to proceed with the refugee program.

Sweden, France and Germany are all having huge issues with the mass influx of Muslim refugees. Look and learn from this!
Riot in Rinkeby:

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