President Trump set his sights on Arizona this week as Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters challenged one of his primary opponents to a debate about election fraud.

Masters invited Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to a debate where he could explain to his Republican constituents why he has refused to acknowledge the rampant fraud that happened in his state during the 2020 elections.

Brnovich refused to attend the debate and did not even respond to Masters’ invitation.

President Trump stepped away from a wedding that he was hosting in Florida to virtually attend the event.  After it became clear that Brnovich chickened out, he made his opinion of him clear in a speech to the audience.

The Arizona Republic Reported

“Trump said he broke away from a 500-person wedding at his Florida resort to call into Masters’ campaign event, held outdoors at a Chandler business near Arizona Avenue and Highland Street and attended by more than 100 people.

Masters, a venture capitalist, had challenged state Attorney General Mark Brnovich to debate his office’s handling of an investigation into the 2020 election, where Trump lost Arizona by 10,457 votes to Joe Biden. Many of Trump’s supporters think Brnovich’s action in the matter could lead to a reversal of Trump’s loss, and Masters’ remarks stoked their beliefs of a stolen election.

Brnovich was never expected to attend the event and did not.

“I just want to thank you all, you’re an incredible group. I heard Blake was the person that showed up and I want to thank Blake,“ Trump said through a cellphone to a cheering crowd”

Trump attacked Brnovich for taking the ‘middle path’ where the Attorney General refused to admit that any fraud happened and simply said that the investigation was still ongoing, nearly five months later.

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