President Trump released several statements yesterday and this morning about the Arizona audit. The stunning information was released yesterday via podcast. The Gateway Pundit has an excellent point-by-point synopsis (see below) of the results of the audit that completely refutes the media’s claims that Biden won Arizona.

President Trump also names several of the items found in the audit:

“The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report!”

Gateway Pundit Bullet Points on Arizona Audit:

  • Canvass showed over 3,400 more ballots were cast than recorded
  •  Over 9,000 more mail-in ballots were received and recorded than the official number of mail-in ballots sent out by the county
  • Precincts show more ballots cast on election day than people who showed up to vote. 1,551 extra votes.
  • Approximately 2,500 ballots were shown in the early vote returns that do not have a voter listed as casting them.
  •  Over 255,000 early votes shown in the county final vote file that does not have a corresponding entry in the early voting returns file
  • Over 23,000 voted by mail after moving after the October 5th cutoff
  • 2,382 voters cast votes in Maricopa county, in person, after moving out of the county
  • Over 2,000 voters who moved out of Arizona during the 29 days before the election were given a full ballot instead of a presidential-only ballot.
  • Close to 300 deceased voters potentially vote.
  • There is an unprecedented number of discrepancies in the vote total. This could only happen through malicious actions or severe incompetence from Maricopa county officials.
  • Too many discrepancies to declare an outright winner of Arizona’s electoral votes.

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Ben Cotton (pictured below) shared the IT results from the audit of the 2020 Election Results in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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During Cotton’s presentation, he said files were deleted by those involved in the election.

But the key and very important thing is that Cotton’s audit team was able to identify the time stamps for when the files were messed with and from that he said, “We have captured screenshots of Maricopa County people at the keyboards during those time periods.”

The crowd cheers at the 3:30 point:

Cotton said they would not release the names of those involved in deleting the files.

According to Gateway Pundit, he also noted that files were not turned over that are required to be preserved under the law.  Those who deleted the files were identified at their computers deleting the files.  They got them!

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