President Trump was banned on Facebook and Instagram, silencing the 45th POTUS from social media where he could get the truth out in opposition to the fake news. The Facebook Oversight Board decided to continue the ban on President Trump, so he responded with a short but blistering statement:

“What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.”

There are now more calls for something to be done about the social media monopolies, but the power and money they wield in D.C. is enormous.

Is this all talk and no action?

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