President Trump just responded to the unbelievable news that the New York Times reported yesterday.

The NYT published an article written off of leaks out of the FBI and DOJ claiming that the FBI opened an investigation into President Trump after he fired James Comey.

The corrupt intel agencies have continuously targeted the president since before he was elected.  Nothing surprises us anymore.

The supposed national security concerns regarding our president and Russia are nothing more than Democrats and the Deep State refusing to accept this man as president.

We agree with Mike Pompeo who said earlier today that any idea that President Trump was working for or influenced by the Russians is “ludicrous”.

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President Trump’s former attorney John Dowd had this to say about the NYT article and the corrupt intel agencies:

“The New York Times story is an unwitting disclosure and verification of the utter corruption of their oaths by Comey and his colleagues to undermine the free election of the president of the United States. It was apparently done under the supervision of the Deputy Attorney General, who was reportedly ready to wear a wire to ensnare President Trump. This is the stuff of banana republics and dictatorships. This despicable, unlawful, official conduct undermines our entire federal criminal justice system, which protects our liberty as a free people.”

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President Trump went on a tweet storm with four consecutive tweets bashing the intel entities that would consider him the enemy:

The corrupt entities in the FBI/DOJ are still in place. The swamp needs to be drained ASAP!

A former speechwriter for President Trump said it best:

If there were an investigation of the “Russia probe” with the same resources, scrutiny, and media interest that the phony Mueller probe itself now enjoys—-can you imagine what we’d uncover?

At this point, it is more than safe to say that corrupt officials embedded into our own Security Bureaucracies have done far more damage, and maliciously so, to our democracy than any foreign adversary—A very dangerous reality.

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