President Trump on Tuesday morning shared a tweet that declared Georgia’s Republican governor and secretary of state would end up in jail.

Donald Trump won the state of Georgia in 2016 by 6 percentage points and over 200,000 votes.

In 2020 he won over 74 million votes that we know of. We now have evidence that Dominion voting machines were switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The 2020 election was entrenched in fraud. The liberal media wants you to believe that Georgia flipped to Democrat during the Trump years.

We even HAVE VIDEO of Democrats at work stealing votes from the people of Georgia.

But Georgia Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger don’t care.

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On Monday night Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out that Georgia Governor Kemp and Secretary of State “will soon be going to jail.”

President Trump retweeted Lin Wood this morning.

“President Trump @realDonaldTrump is a genuinely good man. He does not really like to fire people. I bet he dislikes putting people in jail, especially ‘Republicans,'” Wood tweeted. “He gave @BrianKempGA & @GaSecofState every chance to get it right. They refused. They will soon be going to jail.”

Wood photoshopped pictures of both officials to include face coverings bearing the Chinese flag.

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