Dear Senator/Representative,

I am sending this letter to all Senators and Representatives and will wait to see which office staff or
intern passes this along to the intended recipient. And I will await responses from the people who
realize they work for US, the people!
As a 58-year-old former Democrat, this is the first time in my life I feel compelled to write as I feel
helpless about the state of our country. Never involved in politics before, President Trump has
awakened many of us. As a retired teacher from a family of former Democrats, Union workers,
immigrants, and military service, I always loved and took great pride in this country. My grandparents
came here legally, and I still have my grandmother’s documents from Ellis Island. She was brought here
at 9 years of age by her 16-year-old brother. You see, my family had to come a few at a time. The fathers
came first, learned the language, obtained employment, and saved money to bring the rest of the family
over a few at a time. No food stamps, no housing assistance, no free healthcare. They worked their tails
off and then worked to give back to this great country. Both my father and father-in-law served in the
And here I sit today, scared to death about the direction of this country!
I had heard of THE SWAMP and was aware to some extent of deals that were made by politicians,
However, as President Trump correctly stated, “The swamp is deeper than we had ever thought!”
President Trump has been correct about many things. He WAS spied on, the Russia Hoax, the phony
impeachment, the fake dossier, and YES, the SWAMP!
For four years, President Trump was abused, insulted, lied about, and undermined. And still, he
accomplished more than any President I have known. Just think, how much better this country could
have been IF Democrats and Rinos worked WITH him instead of against him at every turn?
Many of us, more than 73 million, do not believe this was a free and fair election. In New Jersey, a very
blue state, I witnessed boat and car parades, rallies, and Trump flags posted all over. On a trip to upstate
NY, on the state thruway, I passed a 7-mile parade of cars with Trump and American flags, And I
watched as Trump was way ahead in all the swing states; votes magically change in the wee hours of the
night. IF there was NO fraud, WHY no investigation? Leftist judges refused to even look at the
All we hear is, “no one is above the law.” So why were election laws broken? This election was stolen,
and many of you know it; in fact, many of you were “in on the plan” to destroy this President from day,
And now you sit there talking about impeaching the President of the People! Such hypocrisy President
Trump did NOT incite violence. He encouraged people to be strong and loud. “Let your VOICES be heard.
Protest peacefully and patriotically.” Over 400 rallies, and there was NO VIOLENCE! Just singing, dancing,
and praying.

I am sure you will address and remove the following:

Maxine Waters – inciting violence against Trump supporters
Adam Schiff – lying to Congress – Russia Hoax
Jerry Nadler – Antifa is a myth
Kamala Harris – donating and assisting BLM/Antifa rioters
Joe Biden/Hunter Biden – deals with China and Ukraine.
Nancy Pelosi – tearing up the State of the Union address, condoning the tearing down of our
National monuments “People do what they do.”
I could continue, but I am letting you know that WE, the PEOPLE are awake. WE want to know when the
laws apply to YOU.
He was NOT a corrupt politician like so many of you.
NO NEW WARS! Brought troops home. Invested and built up the military.
PEACE through STRENGTH Middle East Deals
Border Security -The WALL WORKS! Protect OUR citizens and country.
HE CARED about the PEOPLE – not pleasing the DC Establishment!
To the REPUBLICANS, you have no party without President Trump. To the Democrats, as much as you try
to censor and cancel us, we will find ways to expose the corruption. We will continue to fight for a free
and FAIR press, which sadly no longer exists. And finally, to that vile woman Nancy Pelosi: It is MORE
than OBVIOUS that her hatred for President Trump was greater than her love of the country. In fact,
even my Democrat friends, who were not big supporters of President Trump, believe Nancy Pelosi was
the most disrespectful, hateful representative they have ever seen.
It is my hope that some of you, one of you, will share these concerns, and SOMEONE out there will
LISTEN to the PEOPLE! YOU work for US! Start acting like it.

Audrey S.

Here is a copy of her letter.

The additional copy that is not included in the image of the letter below was added to President Trump’s statement.

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