E. Jean Carroll has been an advice columnist with ELLE magazine for DECADES, and she just came out with a new book. Sooo what better way to promote her book than to make a false claim about President Trump. That appeals to the crowd who actually reads her advice…the low information voter.

The problem is that E. Jean just claimed that President Trump raped her in the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC decades ago…decades ago?  The left has immediately pounced on this, and they are treating her claims like they are true. It’s why we are covering this story. We need to push back on this effort to disparage the president.

President Trump responded with a blistering statement:

This woman is on the PR circuit appearing on MSNBC tonight and in New York Magazine. The left is eating this up and buying into it hook, line and sinker. Social media is abuzz with sympathy for this woman, but she has numerous holes in her story. Unfortunately, this is the age of the #MeToo movement where all men are guilty, and women are always to be believed no matter what. In fact, the left is now blaming President Trump for damaging any woman who might come forward with allegations because he released a statement. So the left turns this all on Trump. Typical…

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Listen to this woman and know that everyone needs to push back on this effort to damage President Trump:

See if you can pick up on the holes in her story…

The video below of E. Jean Carroll is telling:

Shame on New York Magazine for interviewing this woman trying to peddle her book:

Check the dress for DNA and why hasn’t she pressed charges and waited until now to speak up?


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