President Trump tears into BLM as he defends January 6th political prisoners in Wyoming

Treatment by the Biden regime towards radical left lawbreakers and criminal rioters is soft. Especially when you factor in the obscene and cruel treatment of  Jan. 6 political prisoners by contrast.

President Trump made the following statement regarding January 6th patriots and their unfair treatment when compared to the treatment of violent ANTIFA and BLM rioter at his Wyoming rally.

“Look what they’re doing to these people. And yet ANTIFA and BLM, they can do whatever the hell they want. They can steal money and live in $6 million dollar mansions and nobody does a d–n thing. They can kill people and nobody does anything, and they’ve killed plenty. When you look at the problems and the death and destruction that they’ve caused and nobody does a thing about it. And now you look at the so-called word ‘insurrection,’ January 6th, what a lot of crap. What a lot of crap.”

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BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors used money she scammed out of the black community to purchase a $6 million home and other mansions.

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Since then, she has played the victim claiming racism and harassment when anyone calls her on her criminal racket.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA criminals have terrorized the country off and on (generally most active during election seasons) for several years, causing an estimated several billion in property damage and committing crimes ranging from arson to murder–generally getting away with it.

In one case, the Biden DOJ even recommended reduced sentencing for a murderer due to his rioting and murder being linked to BLM riots.

Meanwhile, January 6th political prisoners are treated by the media and the Biden regime as if they are terrorists and are subject to extreme sentencing and cruel conditions within prison.

Justice is not the priority within the Biden regime.

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