Last week, President Trump announced he would be moving the date of his first post-Wuhan coronavirus campaign rally to June 20th, after the campaign received criticism for planning the event on June 19th or “Juneteenth” a day celebrating the emancipation of the last remaining slave in America.

Far-left Democrat activists like “Reverend” Al Sharpton are still trying to make the date change an issue, using parents of black men killed by law-enforcement as props in their war against President Trump. Only moments ago, race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton posted this video condemning Trump for the location of the rally.

Shortly after the tickets for the event became available to the public, hundreds of thousands of Americans, desperate to show their support for President Trump and his policies, began signing up for his first campaign rally.

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Rogan O’Handley reported that on June 13, over 300,000 Americans had already registered for the Tulsa rally. The population in Tulsa, OK is 396,543.

Today, President Trump announced that almost 1 MILLION people have requested tickets for the Saturday night rally in a city with a population of less than 400K.

President Trump’s campaign has announced that they will be giving temperature checks and masks to all Tulsa attendees.

Never mind that the Trump campaign is taking responsible actions to protect attendees, they are still considered the enemy of the left and the leftist media is responding appropriately.

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, who behaves more like a combatant than a journalist during White House press briefings, tweeted about her disgust for President Trump’s rally in Tulsa. Alcindor’s tweet began with a reminder that he was originally planning his rally for June 19th but changed the date. The hack PBS reporter reminded everyone that the rally would be held indoors and that the arena had canceled all of their events through July “because of coronavirus,” but, nevertheless, the Trump rally was still happening.

The AP, who might as well be wearing war paint and reporting from a bunker when they write about President Trump, say his Tulsa rally is “An extraordinarily dangerous move.” They also warn that it poses risks of spreading the coronavirus.

TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome, frequently found in Democrats who are unable to cope with the 2016 election result, is real, and CNN reporter Chris Cillizza, has been overtaken by the disease. In his tweet about President Trump’s upcoming rally, Cillizza claims Trump is re-igniting his massive rallies so he can hear his name being chanted by the crowd.

Curiously, COVID19 is suddenly an issue again when it was virtually ignored by the media while BLM and Antifa looters and rioters who were ravaging cities across America for almost three weeks. The truth is, hearing Trump’s name chanted by the massive crowds at his historic rallies is like fingernails on a chalkboard to Democrat Party reporters, and they will be pulling out all of the stops between now and June 20th to stop the enthusiasm for Trump.

President Trump fought back against the hypocrisy of the media for attempting to shame him for hosting a campaign rally while ignoring the spread of COVID19 over the past three weeks, potentially caused by masses of rioters and looters in Democrat-run cities.

Tulsa World is reporting that the Tulsa Health Department Director, Dr. Dart would like to see the rally postponed, saying Tulsa is seeing a “significant increase in our case trends” that makes a large gathering like the rally dangerous for not only attendees but the president himself.

Said Dart: “I think it’s an honor for Tulsa to have a sitting president want to come and visit our community, but not during a pandemic. I’m concerned about our ability to protect anyone who attends a large, indoor event, and I’m also concerned about our ability to ensure the president stays safe as well.”

What do you think? Should President Trump postpone the Tulsa rally, or should he continue with the rally and ignore the Democrat media?

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