President Trump spoke with the media again today about impeachment and said there’s never been a president who’s been more transparent. He just spoke for 40 minutes to the media yesterday (see below) about China, Impeachment, the Economy and so much more. The leftist media has gotten great access to President Trump during the past three years. He may deal with the press differently but he’s been more available than presidents in the past.

The president announced he’ll be releasing the transcript of a second call with the President of Ukraine.

He called the impeachment hearings a witch hunt:

“This is a witch hunt at the highest level.”

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President Trump told the media they misreported what he said about impeachment hearings. He said there shouldn’t be impeachment hearings at all. He said it’s all “third-hand knowledge.”

He mentioned that the transcript from a second call will be released next week.

“Regardless of what anyone says, read the transcript.”

President Trump also spoke with the media before leaving for Georgia yesterday. He spoke for about 40 minutes about several key things, including the “fake news” media.

At one point during the chopper presser, Trump has to say loudly “Quiet!” to one reporter who wouldn’t stop talking.

He began by discussing impeachment and how he’s “not worried about anything.”

The president discussed the economy and how well it’s doing.

The president spoke about the Biden corruption and how the media ignored it. He also mentioned Hunter Biden and how he “walked out with millions.”

The possible entrance of Michael Bloomberg into the race for president was mentioned, and Trump immediately gave him a nickname…: “Little Michael.”

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