President Trump met with John Dickerson of “CBS This Morning” to discuss his first 100 days in office. He was asked by Dickerson how helpful the former president Barack Obama was to him.

Here is a bit of the transcript of their discussion via CBS:

JOHN DICKERSON: Did President Obama give you any advice that was helpful? That you think, wow, he really was–

DONALD TRUMP:  — Well, he was very nice to me. But after that, we’ve had some difficulties. So it doesn’t matter. You know, words are less important to me than deeds. And you– you saw what happened with surveillance. And everybody saw what happened with surveillance–

JOHN DICKERSON: Difficulties how?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: — and I thought that — well, you saw what happened with surveillance. And I think that was inappropriate, but that’s the way–

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JOHN DICKERSON: What does that mean, sir?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: You can figure that out yourself.

JOHN DICKERSON: Well, I– the reason I ask is you said he was– you called him “sick and bad”.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Look, you can figure it out yourself. He was very nice to me with words, but– and when I was with him — but after that, there has been no relationship.


During the interview, President Trump was asked what he’s done to make the Oval Office his office:

JOHN DICKERSON: Every president makes the Oval Office theirs. What have you done to make this yours?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, a lot of things. We had these incredible flags including the American flags.  And they were in different rooms.  And they were always being pushed around because they didn’t have enough room.  And I said, “How beautiful, the base, the flags, Army, Navy, Marine Corps.  I mean, just so beautiful.  Just so beautiful.”  The Coast Guard flag over here.

And I said, “Well, let’s see how they look in the Oval Office.” So the flags were up. The picture of Thomas Jefferson I put up. The picture of Andrew Jackson I put up because they said his campaign and my campaign tended to mirror each other. So we did a lot of– actually we did a lot of work. It’s–it’s a much–it’s a much different — look than it was previously.

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