President Trump exited the White House with grandkids in tow for a trip to Orlando to visit a private Catholic school to promote school choice.

His adorable grandson was holding a replica of Marine One and clearly looks like he’s enjoying his new toy.

The trip to Orlando included the new Education Secretary who’s a big school choice advocate. The teachers unions aren’t happy and made a few comments against the trip to the Catholic School in Orlando. You’d think they’d be so happy that we have a president who’s very interested in helping ALL American children receive a great education. Nope, the teachers unions are freaking out! Their cash cow might be at risk…The president of the teachers union makes a six figure income! What’s wrong with Trump trying to FINALLY focus on the kids?
trump-floridaTrump visited St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, dropping in on a fourth-grade classroom and shaking hands with students who said they were learning about the history of Florida. When one girl said she wanted to own her own business, he said with a smile that she’s “gonna make a lot of money. But don’t run for politics.”

The president, who was joined by his new education secretary Betsy DeVos, a longtime charter schools advocate, described St. Andrew as “one of the many parochial schools dedicated to educating disadvantaged children.”

“Education is the civil rights issue of our time,” said Trump, repeating a line from his address to Congress this week.

Teachers unions were quick to criticize the visit, saying it showed hostility by Trump toward public schools and an intention to turn education into a profit-making industry.
Trump said he would ask lawmakers to pass a bill that would fund school choice for disadvantaged young people, including minority children. He did not offer any details.

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