No one, and we mean NO ONE in the GOP, can ignite a room like Donald J. Trump! In an era of sleazy, lying politicians who have no intention of doing what they said they’d do if we elected them, Trump’s straight talk and his determination to follow through on his promises is absolutely a breath of much needed fresh air…and exactly what our country needs right now.

President Donald Trump returned to CPAC on Friday, receiving a rock star welcome from the packed ballroom.

He kicked off the speech defending his statement on Twitter that the media was the “enemy of the people,” vowing to fight their “fake news” stories.

“A few days ago I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people,’ and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he said, criticizing their “dishonest coverage” of his administration.

Trump admitted that the media was very upset by his repeated criticisms, but that he would continue to do so, citing the First Amendment.

“They get upset, they say we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the first amendment. They always bring up the First Amendment,” he said. “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”

Here are a few of our favorite zingers from his speech:

“Never underestimate the people…never!”  

“If our presidents would’ve gone to the beach for 15 years, we would be in much better shape than we are right now.”

“Jobs are already starting to pour back into our country. It’s time for all Americans to get off welfare and get back to work…You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna love it!”

“Obamacare covers very few people — and remember, deduct from the number all of the people that had great health care that they loved that was taken away from them. It was taken away from them.”

Here are a few highlights from his speech:

Trump traveled to the conference center in Maryland aboard Marine One, returning to the CPAC conference where he made his first big politically themed speeches. Supporters lined up hours early to get in the conference hall, but had to go through tight security to enter the building.

During his speech, the president vowed to keep his campaign promises, specifically a repeal and replace of Obamacare, building the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, building a wall on the southern border, restoring military funding.

“We have to, to turn things around. The era of empty talk is over,” he said. “It’s over. Now is the time for action.” –Breitbart News

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