President Trump spoke with the press before leaving for the state of Georgia where he’ll speak in Atlanta about the opioid crisis.

He was on fire today when he spoke briefly with reporters about “draining the swamp.”

He spoke about the roaring economy and stock market and then about the progress made with the opioid crisis.

The first question from reporters was about the Mueller Report and the unending investigations into the president. His response was strong:

“The subpoena is ridiculous”…President Trump knows what the Democrats are doing. This is all political and an effort to win in 2020. The last thing the president said should be a wake-up call to the bad actors in the Obama administration:

“I am breaking down the swamp. If you look at what’s happening, they’re getting caught, they’re getting fired. Who knows what’s going to happen from now on, but I hope it’s very strong. But if you look at “Drain the Swamp,” I’m draining the swamp!”

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Notice how President Trump has a ‘talk to the hand’ moment when he walks away from the media.

He just warned the bad actors in the Obama administration that he’s coming for them.

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