President Trump oversaw one of the most peaceful eras the United States has ever seen.  During Trump’s presidency, the United States facilitated a peace agreement with the Taliban and withdrew from the disastrous war in Afghanistan.  Trump also oversaw a thaw in relations between North and South Korea for the first time in history.

Other high profile world leaders have already pointed out that Trump was able to do this by conveying ‘peace through strength’.

“The real meetings which were clandestine at the time took place when the gulf countries saw that somebody was willing to stand up to Iran.  So we formed, basically this tacit alliance, based on our common security concern with Iran.” Said Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Israel’s relationship with the United States during Trump’s presidency.

During an ‘American Freedom Tour’ in South Florida, President Trump echoed these sentiments when he told the crowd “When I was in the White House we had peace through strength… They didn’t f*ck around with us,”  WATCH:


President Biden has only been in office for a little over a year, and has already overseen multiple drastic foreign policy failures.

Biden opened his Presidency with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that saw the deaths of multiple U.S servicemembers and led to a complete military takeover by the Taliban.  The withdrawal was botched after President Trump had negotiated a power sharing agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban.  Biden arbitrarily extended the withdrawal timetable, dishonoring our previous agreement with the Taliban and causing them to launch a full invasion.

Now, taking after President Obama, Biden allowed Russia to invade Ukraine which has already led to tens of thousands of deaths and is further weakening the US on the world stage.  The invasion may encourage other bad actors such as China.

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