Does anyone really want to see president Trump’s taxes?

Past presidents have done just as President Trump is doing. They’ve kept their taxes private.

One of President Trump’s attorney’s just said the president will not be releasing his tax returns.

Jay Sekulow says this “will be litigated”…

President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow says “if necessary,” the fight over Trump releasing his tax returns “will be litigated.”

“We should not be in a situation where … individual private tax returns are used for political purposes.”

Sekulow is correct.

Democrats have already used the IRS for political purposes during Obama’s administration.

Remember the Tea Party targeting by the IRS?

Using the IRS for political purposes is what will happen if President Trump turns over his taxes.

Mick Mulvaney just came out this morning to add that President Trump’s taxes will never be released.

The Chief of Staff is a straight shooter and knows that this will only get political.


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