President Trump was interviewed by Chuck Todd of MSNBC and was asked during the interview what would be his one “do-over” since taking office.

His choice is definitely a good one. He says that he wouldn’t have chosen Senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General:

“I would say if I had one do-over, it would be; I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.” – PDJT

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Senator Jeff Sessions was fired by President Trump last November after doing a terrible job as Attorney General. Even though he was early in his support for President Trump, it’s almost as if he was put in the position to sabotage the president’s term in office. Deep State Mole? You have to wonder because of all of the mistakes Sessions made to have Rod Rosenstein at the helm and then appoint Deep State Intel King Mueller. It all seems very contrived.

Mueller went on to appoint leftist Clintonite lawyers to his Special Counsel…

JOE DIGENOVA has been around D.C for decades and said the incoming president was set-up to be taken down:

A total set-up?

With the news that Candidate Clinton and Candidate Trump were being given totally different FBI intel briefings, the Deep State was working overtime to destroy Trump:

How is it that Gowdy is just now speaking about this? He’s suspect too because he’s done nothing to move the ball forward.


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