President Trump and Prime Minister May held a press conference in London this morning to address a wide range of topics including NATO. Wouldn’t you know that Jim Acosta got the most press (see video below) for being shunned by the president who called CNN “fake news”. The president also got into a battle with another reporter but one funny exchange took place between a Reuters reporter and the president: The funny moment is at the 42:00 point in the video.

DC reports:

“I like your hat,” Trump said, telling the crowd, “He looks good without it. A good, solid head of hair.”

Mason, who is bald, said, “Thank you, sir. I don’t have a solid head of hair.”

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“I know exactly what you have, Jeff,” Trump quipped. “Come on Jeff, take it off, please.”

At that moment, Fox News John Roberts reached over and took off the hat.

“Okay,” Mason said, putting his hat back on as the press corps erupted in laughter.

“I like you better without the hat,” Trump said.

Mason took off the hat entirely saying, “There we go.”

Mason eventually asked about Syria and Russian influence in the country.


Video of the day! CNN’s Jim Acosta just got a smackdown from President Trump on the world stage:

Jim @Acosta tried to ask @realDonaldTrump a question to which he responded: “@CNN is fake news, I don’t take questions from CNN.”

He then called on John Roberts of @FoxNews saying “let’s go to a real network”

Acosta can be heard saying “well we are a real network too, sir.”

Jim Acosta is probably fuming but loving the attention from POTUS. He knows President Trump isn’t a fan of fake news CNN so this was the usual attempt to get a clip on the news and nothing more.

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