Ann Coulter was leaving a restaurant when tabloid biggie TMZ asked what she thought about McCabe being fired BY TRUMP – The reporter is WRONG that Trump fired McCabe but Ann goes with it anyway…

Coulter came back with the answer that she would have waited until a couple of hours before he got his pension instead of a couple of days. She then said she thinks Trump should fire people at rallies, “Wouldn’t that be fun?” The reporter then asks if it was petty…Coulter comes back with the best comment: “ASK MIKE FLYNN IF IT’S PETTY”

McCabe was fired over the weekend in a move that was really a no-brainer if you follow the law…

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“The FBI is who recommended that he be fired. It wasn’t crazy House Republicans and it wasn’t the Trump administration. It was his own fellow bureau agents.” – Trey Gowdy


WALLACE: I just want to go on one point. And, look, leaking is improper and the lack of candor, some would call it lying to investigators, especially under oath. It’s inexcusable and should be held to account.

But my guess is, most people would think that what Andy McCabe was involved with, leaking, was something against the Trump administration. My guess is most people don’t know that in fact what he asked — he didn’t actually leak. He apparently authorized and official to talk to a reporter about was the fact that the FBI wanted to pursue the Clinton Foundation investigation over the objections of the Justice Department.

GOWDY: Yes, that’s right. I mean, if you look at his statement, he was really upset that he is being blamed for ending something. And the interesting part of his statement, which I’ve heard a lot of people talk about is that he was really blaming DOJ, the Department of Justice who shut down the investigation.

But you know what, Chris? We don’t live in a relativistic world and you don’t get to pick and choose which rules to abide by and you don’t get to decide when to tell the truth and what not to. I’m going to withhold judgment until Horowitz’s report comes out.

WALLACE: We should just say Horowitz is the inspector general.

GOWDY: Right. Who, you know, two weeks ago, the president was criticizing and now, all of a sudden, McCabe is criticizing. So, he is probably doing his job because everyone is criticizing him.

Let’s wait and see what he found. Let’s wait and see what that lack of candor was. And then we can judge the fact pattern and the proportionality of the penalty of his losing his pension. We can judge all that once we understand exactly what he is alleged to have done.

But make no mistake, the FBI who recommended that he’d be fired. It wasn’t crazy House Republicans and it wasn’t the Trump administration. It was one of his own fellow bureau agents.


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