Bill Maher began his interview with the yawn-inducing Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren and the best hope for a presidential candidate in 2020, by hitting her with some bad news…Democrats are losing. After she came out faking enthusiasm for the liberal California audience, Warren who is best known for lying on a job application to Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, where she checked the “Native American” box, starts out telling Maher, “People all across this country are energized.” (Is she talking about Antifa and basement dwellers who are collecting a paycheck from various George Soros groups for occasionally rolling out of bed, grabbing a face-mask and a baseball bat from their father’s garage and going out to threaten the free-speech of Trump supporters?)

Maher reminded her, “They may be all energized but they don’t have a Democratic governor, a Democratic senator or a Democratic parliament.”

The first 5 minutes of Warren’s yawn-inducing interview is filled with whining about how her progressive agenda is being ignored and how capitalism needs to be addressed and taken down.

Maher quickly reminds her that from 1980-2015 when many of the economy-killing regulations were implemented that many Democrats were responsible for passing. He asked her, “Don’t the Democrats bear some responsibility for that?”

At about the 6 minute mark, Bill Maher begins to whine about Trump’s tax plan and reminds “Pocahontas” that Trump’s fans are not with her. Warren tells Maher, “Actually, I’m gonna push back, I disagree.” Maher interrupts her, “His fans are not with you. They don’t like you Pocahontas.”

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Watch starting at the 6:00 minute mark:

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