Democrats supporting President Trump let a CNN reporter have it when he visited them in Pennsylvania. This is awesome! Americans see through the sham of the Manafort and Cohen investigations and call it a “sideshow”. Yea, what happened to Russia collusion?

CNN sent reporter Jason Carroll to speak with the Pennsylvania Democrats who voted for Trump. Instead of negativity, the reporter got positive reports on what our president has gotten done. Specifically, the economy and taxes were two of the biggies:

Eileen and Richard Sorokas reportedly said right after the inauguration, “We’ve got to get the politically correct things out of here and get a business man and get this country straightened out, get the deficit down.”

A year and a half later, they still support President Trump:

“Our retirement is in the stock market and the stock market has been growing for quite a while now, so I’m sort of happy what’s happening with the economy,” Sorokas also said he thought the focus on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort is a “side show.”

We couldn’t agree more and believe most Americans see through the media’s effort to harm our president. It was even reported today that when the news of the horrible murder of Mollie Tibbetts came out, CNN and MSNBC didn’t even cover it because it didn’t fit their narrative. It was also the same day that the decisions on the Manafort and Cohen cases came down… priorities!

The special prosecutor is all over the place throwing everything he can at the wall to see if it’ll stick. He’s now going after the Trump Foundation and The National Enquirer. Again, what happened to Russian collusion?

The media has been assisting the Democrats and Mueller so it’s been overkill on the “sideshow”. The problem is that America isn’t with these folks but they’re just too out of touch to know it. Media big wigs in D.C. and New York haven’t a clue…



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