Fox News’ Juan Williams wasn’t expecting to be called out for his outright lies about Trump rallies. This is the first time we’ve seen him really called out on his lies about Trump supporters. It’s awesome! All he can do is raise his eyebrows during the fantastic comments from Eric Mextaxas…Watch and enjoy!

“The mobs that we’ve seen, the lack of respect, the lack of civility that the left has resorted to is horrifying.”

Wouldn’t it be great if every talking head on Fox was this on point? This guy is fantastic in his ability to keep focus and take down Williams like no one else.

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The left continues to distort what’s going on at Trump rallies. They latched onto the comment President Trump made about body slamming. it was a joke but the left can’t take a joke.


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The liberal media is going bonkers over President Trump’s line at a rally tonight in Missoula, Montana. We’ll have sympathy for the lame liberal media when they condemn Maxine Waters, Time Kaine, Hillary Clinton, and others for their calls for violence against Republicans.

Trump is so great at trolling the left: ‘Any Guy That Can Do a Body Slam, He’s My Candidate’

Rep. Greg Gianforte started out by thanking the president for giving us hope. President Trump spoke about how Gianforte body-slammed a Guardian reporter last year and warned everyone not to wrestle him:

“Any guy that can do a body slam is my candidate. He is my guy…So I was in Rome with a lot of the leaders from other countries talking about all sorts of things, and I heard about it. And we endorsed Greg very early, but I had heard he body-slammed a reporter. I said, ‘This is terrible. He’s going to lose the election.’ And then I said, ‘Well, wait a minute I know Montana pretty well. I think it might help him.’ And it did. He’s a great guy, tough cookie.”

They can dish it out…The left is going nuts over President Trump telling a story about body-slamming a reporter: CNN is having a hissy fit over this…

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