Mark Levin always gives us priceless commentary but this is so good! He discusses the “crap” dossier then taunts Mueller. He goes on to slam Durbin and the media for their bias. We’re REALLY looking forward to Mark Levin’s show on Fox News! Wow!

Levin ripped into Mueller: “Where’s your case Mr. Prosecutor?”

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Fox News reports:


Levin said the “praetorian guard media” is purposefully ignoring the alleged politicization of the Justice Department and mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton.

“The biggest scandal of our lifetimes is staring at us in the face,” Levin said, slamming the Justice Department for focusing on what he considered a fruitless probe into President Trump.

“Mueller is investigating everything but collusion. Where’s you’re case, Mr. Prosecutor?” he said, calling the unverified dossier sourced by an ex-British spy as “35 pages of crap.”


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