Rep. Jerry Nadler was mid-interview when a fed up American walking by made a comment that’ll make your day!

He said what so many Americans are saying. The Democrats just keep trying to destroy President Trump with no success.

It’s a losing proposition and will only help Trump win the 2020 election.

Nadler is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and has been all over the news attempting to keep this dumpster fire of a report alive.

Watch as a guy walks by on a New York City street and lets Nadler have a dose of truth:

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Nadler was grandstanding about executive privilege when the guy on the street just kept at him:

Nadler: “The President could try to exercise executive privilege, but it won’t be successful…Executive privilege must be asserted by the president personally…

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Heckler: “Nadler, you guys are a bunch of losers!”

At this point, Nadler was distracted and looked over at the man but the New Yorker wasn’t finished with the Congressman:

Heckler:  “You guys lose again, once again, Nadler…Good job, dirtbags, good job.”

This guy spoke for all Americans who are sick and tired of the collusion delusion from the Democrats. Bravo!

Watch for Democrats to keep the Nixon mantra going as they already have with Nadler’s comments above.

In fact, Fox News’ token angry Democrat Mary Ann Marsh was just on Fox using the Nixon reference.

It’s a classic Alinsky tactic to repeat a lie often enough and people believe it. They’re going for the “Trump is Nixon”  lie.


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