This has to be the funniest moment of President Trump’s trip last weekend.

During President Macron’s speech to world leaders, the King of Morocco was dozing off while sitting next to the stunningly beautiful and brilliant First Lady Melania Trump. He was head bobbing in a big way with his eyes closed when the camera panned to President Trump. It’s a laugh out loud moment when the camera lands on the president who is looking with scorn at the man. You can imagine what the president who never sleeps was thinking about the King of Morocco…”Low Energy Guy”

The translation of the tweet:  the King of Morocco sleeps during Macron’s speech for the . Look at the look of Trump ????

President Trump knew this was very disrespectful to our First Lady and is just improper to sleep while your host is delivering a speech. That look is priceless!

It’s been reported that President Trump sleeps about 4 hours a night. No wonder he’s tweeting in the middle of the night! He’s a high energy guy who might now look favorably on someone who can’t keep their eyes open during such a solemn occasion.


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