A Rose Garden ceremony turned into a battle between President Trump and a hack reporter. President Trump called on Cecelia Vega who went right into a question on Kavanaugh. President Trump wasn’t thrilled with the question because he was there to speak about the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. The exchange that took place is a classic one where President Trump is joking around and messing with the media but they don’t like to be messed with. Now the left is going crazy over it because it was a female reporter. They’re using the gender card…No surprise there. You can bet that he would do the same thing to Jim Acosta!

President Trump told Vega he’d discuss Kavanaugh later in the press conference…

Kris Paronto tweeted out a slam to Vega:


PRESIDENT TRUMP LATER QUESTIONS CNN’S CAITLIN COLLINS: This is classic! President Trump cracks a joke about never drinking: “I can honestly say I’ve never had a beer in my life. One of my only good traits. I don’t drink. Can you imagine if I had, what a mess I be? I’d be the world’s worst.” He ends the question by telling CNN’s Kaitlan Collins to zip it.



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